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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Any conversation regarding pricing is an estimate and is not binding. Until the actual pickup and drop off addresses are provided
and checked on a map an official quote cannot be given or confirmed.
2. Submission of our booking form constitutes a booking request and our reply to that confirms your booking.
3. You agree that you have the legal right to transport the horse and any other goods being transported and that they are fit to
withstand the risks associated with their transport. That transport may involve one or more stops which may from time to time
be of an extended nature and your horse will be regularly fed and watered and where practical and possible given the opportunity
to stretch their legs during this time.
4. Access for pickup and drop off must be clear and free of trees, vehicles or any other hazard. Bookings must include hazards at
both pickup or drop-off including low hanging trees, narrow gateways and drives and small or no turn around areas. The driver
will make his or her own determination as to the suitability on arrival and may request the horse be loaded/unloaded at the gate.
5. Feed which may include any mix of hay, baleage, grass and water is provided at our depots and included in our pricing. Should
your horse require hard feed this is to be provided at pickup.
6. All horses must be provided with a halter. Lead ropes are not required however if sent we will not be held responsible for passing
the correct one. We recommend packing these with gear being transported.
7. Gear must be packed and labeled suitably. Documents and paperwork should be posted or couriered.
8. Gear is traveled as a free extra along side your horse. This is a privilege and not a right and is transported on an all care and
no responsibility basis and we will not be held responsible for anything lost or damaged in transit. Should the volume or weight
of gear being traveled be substantial, we reserve the right to refuse carriage or charge an additional fee for this service.
9. Difficult loaders are charged at $50 per horse and we reserve the right to decline transport at any given point, including once
loaded should their behavior become a safety issue for our attendant, your horse or any other horse being transported. As we
make a number of comfort stops for our passengers we must be assured that we can reload all safely and in a timely fashion.
10. We reserve the right to decline transportation of any horse for any reason including and not limited to its behavior and the safety
and security of other horses and attendants.
11. Should your horse exhibit behavior once in transit that is unsafe for itself, other horses or the handler, or is incurring damage to
the transportation vehicle we reserve the right to offload at any safe place, or leave it at the next stop for you to make other
12. If for any reason we are unable to load, are required to offload or refuse transportation for any of the reasons above, or you cancel
your booking within 48 hours of transport then our minimum charge of $100 will apply. Your $100 non-refundable deposit will
be applied towards this.
13. While we will endeavor to deliver your horse on time, we reserve the right to delay, cancel, postpone or alter our travel plan prior
to or while in transit for any reason not limited to weather related or road conditions including the ferry crossing without incurring
any liability for that delay. This may include altering a planned trip course to exclude a pick up or drop off point.
14. Any accident, illness or injury, be that recent or long term, or any other factor including the horses behavior during travel that may
in any way affect your horse or any other transported horses ability to travel and arrive in an fit and sound condition must be
disclosed to the carrier prior to transportation. Any costs incurred due to these factors including non-disclosure will be the
responsibility of the person arranging transport.
15. Any damage caused by your horse to the transportation vessel or yards or any other item belonging to the Carrier or any other
person or business beyond that which might be called normal wear and tear is the responsibility and liability of the consigner and
repair costs may be billed on to you. Any potential claim will be advised to you at time of drop-off and will be notified to you
officially in writing within 14 days with quotes for repair to be provided as available.
16. Veterinary attention will be given to any horse in transit requiring such. In every case we will endeavor to contact you immediately
to advise you. In the case of illness this will be charged directly to you. Where injury has been caused by your horses own
behavior you will be liable for these costs. Where injury has been caused by another horse, your claim shall be against the
owner of that horse. Our liability in any case is only that as required under the act and we recommend you arrange your own
appropriate insurance to cover any and all eventualities prior to transportation.
17. A booking fee of $100 will be requested to secure your booking. This is non-refundable and will be credited towards your final
invoice. In the case of your booking being cancelled it may, at our discretion, be transferred to another booking.

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18. Our prices are exclusive of GST unless specifically discussed and stated in writing as inclusive. Should you request a cash price
it will be GST inclusive and is given on the basis that it will be paid on pick-up or delivery. It may be received in cash, cheque
or bank deposit THAT DAY. It does not mean GST can be deducted off the price given. Any payment made after drop-off is
considered by invoice and will incur an invoice surcharge on any cash price discussed.
19. We reserve the right to charge interest on any unpaid invoices and will be will be charged at the rate of 2% per month, charged
monthly or part there of. . Any costs incurred in recovery of unpaid invoices including legal or debt collection fees will be at the
clients expense.
20. This contract is made between the consigner (you) and the carrier (us) and our obligations are subject to these terms and
conditions and the Carriage of Goods Act, 1979 and any modification or revision in accordance with NZ law. Any further
documentation provided does not lessen or negate the application of these terms and conditions in provision of the transportation
services. The carrier has the right to subcontract the whole or any part of the service under these same terms and conditions
without penalty.
21. You agree to be liable for all fees and charges incurred in the provision of services and are liable for payment in full as arranged
and where not specified payment in full later than 7 days following the date of carriage.
22. This contract is limited to and subject to the provisions of the Act and all transport is offered at limited carriers risk in respect to
loss or damage to the goods and insurance is the responsibility of the Consignor. The carrier is not under any liability whatsoever
that may be caused by or arising from negligence, breach of contract, deterioration, mis-delivery or delay, for any instruction,
advice or information given to any person in respect of the goods, nor for any direct, consequential or indirect loss, loss of market,
potential winnings or consequences of delay.
23. You will indemnify and shall keep indemnified the carrier from all claims of any kind, arising for any reason by any person in
connection with anything implied, said or done in connection with the goods being transported and no claim inconstant with this
contract shall be made by the consigner or any other person.
24. Any claim made shall be in writing giving full particulars and photos of any alleged damage or injury and within 14 days after
delivery and any action commenced shall be within 12 months from the date of collection.