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Founded by myself, Janelle van Roon in 2014 when I realised I had an uncontrollable horse shopping addition and was put off using transporters with horses arriving in poor condition. I found myself driving around the country with friends filling the empty spaces to help with costs. Before long I was being asked to take others and expanding to offering regular trips throughout New Zealand which turned into a full time business.


With such a strong horsey background, I know the needs and wants of an owner and how important communication is, especially with their pride and joy is onboard. We are not just simply "drivers" with "cargo" - your horse is regularly fed, watered and walked.


Our team has a great reputations from the Top of NZ to the very South. With top class care comes top class transportation, our fleet consists of a 3 horse angle loader float and an air-conditioned 10 horse truck. Our drivers and admin have equine backgrounds which sets us apart from the rest.


Along-side, we also work with other smaller trusted businesses to move horses to smaller less frequented centres and can arrange the full trip for you without the worry of dealing with multiple businesses.

To follow our bookings, check our facebook page!

Fanfaire Equestrian

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